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Getting Started with Microservices and Containers

The best approach for achieving successful high-velocity release cycles with Microservices and Containers

Getting Started with Microservices and Containers

The monolithic approach to software development is headed for extinction.

Companies are increasingly looking to microservices to break down large sets of code so that smaller, dedicated development teams can focus and achieve high-velocity release cycles. While smaller sets of features being deployed more frequently results in software velocity, they also require more infrastructure overhead.

To compete with this challenge, companies are turning to containers to develop, deploy and manage their microservice-based applications.

This white paper provides a comprehensive, practical overview of microservices and containers. It examines:

  • Containerization techniques
  • Key use cases
  • Benefits and challenges of using containers
  • The best approach for success

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About the authors

Alex Lovell-Troy, VP Transformation Services, is known for his thought leadership on the efficient use of technology resources (personnel, software and hardware), often advising and mentoring companies in these areas. He has extensive experience solving problems of scale and designing applications that can take full advantage of the cloud to increase their resources as demand increases, but also decrease them as needed.

Derek Downey
is the Practice Advocate for the OpenSource Database practice at Pythian, helping to align technical and business objectives for the company and for our clients. Derek loves automating MySQL, implementing visualization strategies and creating repeatable training environments.