White Paper

A Framework for Migrating Your Teradata Database to Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery is a serverless, highly scalable, low cost enterprise data warehouse designed to make data analysts more productive. Because it enables you to experiment with enormous datasets without compromise, you can build complex analytics applications.

If you’re thinking of migrating from Teradata to BigQuery, there are some key factors to be considered before, during, and after migration. This white paper provides a framework to guide you through all of these phases, helping you to get the most from this powerful cloud data warehouse.

Download this white paper to learn about:

  • When it makes sense to migrate to BigQuery, and when it doesn’t
  • The key areas to consider when planning for and implementing a migration of this nature
  • Pre-migration considerations like how to approach cost control tools, data transformations and continuous data ingestion
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to set up a data migration pipeline from Teradata to BigQuery
  • Post-migration procedures like how to monitor your BigQuery database using Stackdriver, analyzing logs and validating data quality

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