Getting the most out of Google Workspace: An IT Manager’s Guide


In today’s evolving work environment, IT managers are tasked with supporting remote and hybrid workers using multiple devices, applications and platforms at both their home and work offices. Unlike in the past, where you could lock down the corporate IT environment behind a firewall in a physical building, this new environment extends beyond the office and into people’s homes.

While Google Workspace can help overcome these challenges, understanding how to get the most use out of all the available tools while still ensuring security and compliance are at the heart of your IT operations, can be daunting. This handbook will guide IT managers through the most important aspects of Google Workspace, allowing you to do more with your existing license.


In the handbook, you’ll learn about:

  • Manage users in a hybrid world
  • Support users with Google Workspace
  • Manage shadow IT
  • Boost HR and legal compliance with Google Workspace
  • Manage Microsoft 365 in a Google Workspace environment
  • Get more value from your Google Workspace licenses
  • Plus so much more

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