The Book of Data Integration Zen

Get the most out of your data by learning how to break down data silos and achieve true integration with cloud-based master data management platforms.


Data silos. They’re everywhere—particularly in organizations with many different data sources and types, and who don’t take the time to think about integrating their data across all their departments and groups.

To get the most from your organization’s data, it’s vitally important for every department to work from a single version of the truth. The alternative is a data program with no central ownership, business groups working with siloed data they believe to be complete, and, ultimately, bad business decisions.

By reaching a point of data integration zen, your organization can say goodbye to silos. The Book of Data Integration Zen shows you how to gradually shift your organization toward a fully integrated data program, break down data silos, and truly take advantage of all that data you’re collecting – instead of it taking advantage of you.

Download this eBook to learn about:

  • The business case for data integration and Master Data Management
  • How data integration ensures one version of truth across your organization
  • Why you also need to adhere to strong data governance best practices
  • Which systems are better for data integration: on-premise or cloud
  • What to include on a data integration project checklist
  • Why it’s so difficult to achieve integration using a traditional data warehouse

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