Q&A Video Series

Data Warehouse Offload to the Cloud: Is Google BigQuery Right For You?

Google BigQuery’s serverless architecture can help your data warehouse grow to Petabyte scale for innovative analytics applications like reporting and data warehousing

To help you navigate your decision on whether Google BigQuery is the right choice for your data warehouse needs, we’ve put together a series of short Q&A videos featuring Google BigQuery Product Manager, Chad W. Jennings, and Pythian Cloud Expert, Vladimir Stoyak, to provide you with deeper insights into the features and use cases of BigQuery.

How has the landscape of the data warehouse evolved?

What is driving the need to offload data warehouses to the cloud?

What are the different migration approaches?


Has there been a shift in skill sets?

What enterprises have offloaded to BigQuery? What benefits have they realized?

Pricing Predictability for Cloud Data Warehouses